FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies – formerly Paradox Marine) is the featured supplier of yacht tracking systems for Phantom Services, a unique yacht security, recovery and anti-piracy training firm headed by former U.S. Army Special Operations officer and maritime security expert Tony Sparks.

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“Yacht owners and captains have several choices for vessel tracking systems, but we have found GOST systems to be the most comprehensive and reliable systems on the market. A yacht with a GOST tracking system installed on board and monitored by the Phantom Services Monitoring Center combines the best technology with our experienced, highly trained security team,” Sparks said.

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GOST newest products and services include GOST Watch HD and the GOST Nav-Tracker 4th Generation GPS Satellite Tracking Website.

GOST Watch HD System GOST Watch HD

The GOST Watch HD System can remotely monitor and record all activities on board a yacht from any computer or Smartphone, anywhere in the world. Watch live video of your yacht as it leaves the harbor or view activities in the salon, staterooms or engine room from any pc or mobile phone with internet access. Cameras can be set to record clips to the website based on motion detection and sent via email or text message to your computer or mobile phone.

The new GOST Watch HD’s IVR (Internet Video Recorder) is similar to a traditional DVR with the added advantage of being accessible either locally or remotely via the internet. The 1 Terabyte IVR features looped recording of up to 6 cameras for up to 3 months (24/7/90). It features simultaneous viewing, either locally or remotely over the internet, of full motion live or recorded video from up to 6 cameras. Archived clips can be downloaded to a PC and burned onto DVD’s.

GOST Watch HD can be used as a stand alone surveillance system or as part of the GOST Insight HD System. A variety of cameras are available from GOST or the system can be an easy add-on to existing analog or thermal cameras on board.

GOST Nav-Tracker 4th Generation GPS Tracking Website GOST Nav-Tracker 4th generation Website

The 4th generation GOST Nav-Tracker website is an advanced web-based application that allows users to monitor GOST’s wide range of Inmarsat satellite based GPS tracking, security & monitoring systems from anywhere in the world. GOST’s sophisticated technology now allows users to remotely control a relay on board their vessel to turn on/off any AC/DC function from the website, remotely over satellite by the click of a mouse.


GOST Nav-Tracker website users can choose from several geo-fence options, including alerts generated when a vessel travels outside a defined route or when a vessel enters or exits a pre-defined geo-fence. The new website will even allow users to view a history of the last 90 days of the vessel’s positions and to overlay a trace (breadcrumb trail) of their vessel, or fleet of vessels, with their exact current location and precisely where they have been.

The site continues to offer the distinctive capability of two-way communication with the Nav-tracker unit. This feature is extremely important in the event the boat is stolen and needs to be tracked or loved ones are concerned about an overdue vessel. Users can arm/disarm the geo-fence, increase reporting intervals and even poll the unit to get the vessel’s exact position, latitude, longitude, speed and heading, in seconds. Enhanced capabilities now allow users to even drive a relay to turn on or off ANY A/C or D/C function on the vessel all from the website.