GOST GPS Satellite Tracking



We have also added the ability for users to create several different types of website based geo-fences and draw them onto the embedded mapping software. GOST Nav-Tracker website users can choose from several web based geo-fence options, including alerts generated when a vessel travels outside a defined route, or when a vessel enters or exits a predefined geo-fence. Website based geo-fencing differs from system based geo-fencing which does not know about the geo-fences set up on the website. When the system on board sends its normal reports, the website cross references those reports against the web based geo-fences and will alert users if there is a breach. In situations where a breach of the web based geo-fences needs to be known as soon as possible, the reporting interval of the NAV-TRACKER can be increased to accommodate.
The new website allows users to view a history of the last 90 days of the vessel’s positions and to overlay a trace
(breadcrumb trail) of their vessel, or fleet of vessels, with their exact current location and precisely where they
have been.

Covert Installation

To help ensure a covert installation, GOST NAV-TRACKER can transmit through a half inch of solid fiberglass.This allows the GOST NAV-TRACKER to be installed discreetly on board to prevent tampering. Some insurance companies now require GPS tracking devices, like the GOST Nav-Tracker, to be installed on high performance boats and boats with high-horsepower outboards. Many insurance companies now offer discounts on annual premiums for vessels with GOST security, monitoring, tracking or surveillance systems on board.

Samson ARC Track Google Satellite Map view 12-5-2011 crop