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Nav-Tracker 1.0, Nav-Tracker 2.0, GMM-Nav-Tracker, NT Evolution, GOST EZ Tracker

NAV-TRACKER GPS Vessel Tracking System:

NAV-TRACKER GPS Vessel Tracking System:
The Nav-Tracker is directly responsible for the recovery of various high profile vessels; some in less than 1 hour (for full story click here). As theft
is increasing in these difficult economic times the NAV-TRACKER record of recovering vessels is unmatched. The NAV-TRACKER has been directly responsible for the recovery of 4 vessels in the last 6 months and the
numbers keep growing (3/2009). The NAV-TRACKER is the only satellite
ship tracking system to receive a medal from the US Coast Guard for its assistance in recovering stolen vessels in the Bahamas
(more info on this and other recoveries click here)




GOST NAV-TRACKER 1.0: Most basic unit, meets insurance requirements for tracking.

GOST NAV-TRACKER 2.0: Most popular system, gives users the ability to add security & monitoring sensors and offers local control of the unit.

GOST GMM-Nav-Tracker:This system is designed to wirelessly communicate with any of the GOST GOST Phantom systems.

GOST NT-Evolution: This system is a sophisticated hybrid GOST GOST Phantom Nav-Tracker unit that can accommodate up to 32 wireless sensors & up to 8 wireless relays offering a wide variety of security options for the end user.

GOST EZ Tracker: provides global asset tracking for mobile assets such as yachts, tenders, jet skis, commercial ships or anything else that moves.


GOST GPS Satellite Tracking:

GOST’s award winning NAV-TRACKER utilizes the Inmarsat Satellite Constellation, the same satellites used by the U.S. Defense Department with 99.99% reliability mandated by the IMO, two-way communication and True Global Coverage everywhere except the extreme poles. Locate the exact position of your vessel at any moment and track its every move 24/7, anywhere in the world from a computer or smartphone with internet access. When armed, the Nav-Tracker creates a protective 500-meter geo-fence (radius) around the vessel. If the vessel moves outside the geo-fence without being disarmed, the system immediately sends geo-fence breach emails and/or text messages to 10 predetermined recipients every 15 minutes (programmable from 2 to 30 min) with the vessel’s latitude, longitude, speed & heading. GOST was awarded a medal by the U.S. Coast Guard for assistance in the recovery of high profile vessels using this tracking system, some in less than 1 hour after being stolen!



We have also added the ability for users to create several different types of website based geo-fences and draw them onto the embedded mapping software. GOST Nav-Tracker website users can choose from several web based geo-fence options, including alerts generated when a vessel travels outside a defined route, or when a vessel enters or exits a predefined geo-fence. Website based geo-fencing differs from system based geo-fencing which does not know about the geo-fences set up on the website. When the system on board sends its normal reports, the website cross references those reports against the web based geo-fences and will alert users if there is a breach. In situations where a breach of the web based geo-fences needs to be known as soon as possible, the reporting interval of the NAV-TRACKER can be increased to accommodate.

Samson ARC Track Google Satellite Map view 12-5-2011 crop
How it works

The NAV-TRACKER is a self contained Inmarsat Satellite based GPS monitoring system. The system receives its position from the GPS Satellites and then relays that information over the Inmarsat Satellite Network to the ground stations and then on to our servers. At this point the information is available on any computer with an internet connection and it will automatically send up to 10 emails and/or text message's notifying of events on the vessel. The NAV-TRACKER can be controlled remotely from our new 3rd generation tracker website (launched 3/2009). This allows owners to keep track of their vessels from anywhere in the world including their home or offices.

Insurance advantages

The NAV-TRACKER is now required by some insurance companies, and will attract substantial discounts from most others*. These companies recognize the NAV-TRACKER as the market leader in stolen vessel recovery, and they want to get the stolen vessels back. In fact the discounts offered by some insurance companies may completely offset the cost of the unit in as little as one year.

New Website & Partner

GOST has partnered with EMS Satamatics- a leading IsatM2M provider and a division of EMS Technologies Inc. - an innovator in the design and manufacture of wireless, satellite and defense solutions. They provide NAV-TRACKER systems with the core modem technology and the required ground earth stations. To launch a third generation tracker website which incorporates an advanced Google Earth interface allowing users to overlay a trace (breadcrumb trail) of their vessel, or fleet of vessels, with their exact current location and precisely where they have been. On the new site, users can track the movement, adjust the geo-fence radius and reporting intervals for a boat, or a fleet of boats, located anywhere in the world.

Other unique features of the new site include the ability to arm/disarm the geo-fence & sensors from the website, ping/poll the vessel at any time for the vessel's exact position, have up to 10 text or email recipients for alerts with the ability to select which alerts go to which users. The website's advanced technology even allows multiple users to hold different levels of access to the site, from view only options to complete control of entire fleets.

Covert Installation

An added feature that adds to the success of the NAV-TRACKER is its ability to transmit through a ½ inch of solid fiberglass. This allows the NAV-TRACKER to be hidden onboard and not alert thieves to its presence.

Unrivalled reliability: the Inmarsat Advantage

Our system has a huge advantage over the competition It is Inmarsat based which means it has truly global coverage with the exception of the extreme north and south poles (see map). Most other satellite ship tracking systems do not come close to this capability. You can depend on Inmarsat, whatever the weather. Inmarsat provides an average network availability exceeding 99.99 per cent. The NAV-TRACKER terminals are designed specifically for use within the marine environment and are rigorously tested to our exacting standards.

Coverage Map
Geo-fence features

When armed. the NAV-TRACKER sets a geo-fence (radius) around the vessel. If the vessel moves outside the geo-fence the NAV-TRACKER will send up to 10 emails or text messages notifying recipients that the system is in geo-fence breach and provide the vessels latitude, longitude, speed, heading and distance to closest city. It will continue to send this information every 2 to 30 minutes (user preference, can be set on new website and changed when in breach), until the ship returns to its original geo-fence area or is disarmed (locally or on the website).

Actual Message from NAV-TRACKER:
User: GOST
Asset: M/Y Island Time
Fleet: ETI
Date Time: 2006-07-25 15:06:28 (EDT)
Event: Geo-fence breached;
Location: 26.05767,-80.13033 (0.75 mi NE of Hollywood, FL (33019)
Speed/heading: 9.2 Knots, 144 Deg
Google Earth Map: [KML]

This email is for notification only. Please DO NOT reply to this email.

Two way communication

Unlike most of the competition, the NAV-TRACKER is capable of two way communication. This allows for control of the system remotely. It is possible to remotely arm/disarm the geo-fence (security radius) and arm/disarm the security & monitoring sensors. Owners can also poll/ping the vessel for its exact position at that time, adjust the reporting intervals for normal position reports & geo-fence breach reports and adjust the radius of the geo-fence.

Fleet Monitoring capabilities

Commercial & charter fleet operators can easily manage their fleets from one login. With the new website owners can set different levels of control and access for different users. For example, one person could be set up as a 'Fleet Manager' and be able to view all vessels in the fleet and have complete control, while others could have very limited access and be 'viewers' with view only access to only one vessel in the fleet.


There are currently four versions of the NAV-TRACKER available:

The NAV-TRACKER 1.0: Most basic unit available meets insurance requirements

The NAV-TRACKER 2.0: Most popular, gives users the ability to add security & monitoring sensors and local control of the unit.The GMM-Nav-Tracker: This system is designed to wirelessly communicate with any of the GOST GOST Phantom systems.

The GOST EZ Tracker: provides global asset tracking for mobile assets such as yachts, tenders, jet skis, commercial ships or anything else that moves. For more information on any of the above systems please click on the names.