At GOST, you will find a wide range of effective, customizable, and user-friendly security and monitoring systems to keep your yachts or commercial vessels safe from intruders and other unforeseen events.

Our system can communicate with you over cellular or satellite networks to make sure you’re always aware of what’s happening on your ship. We’ve even added several extra layers of protection so you can protect against intrusion and theft while closely monitoring the essential functions of your vessel.

Our security and monitoring solutions include:


The GOST Apparition can be integrated with your other monitoring, tracking, and security solutions so you can easily set up a powerful and effective criminal deterrent.

The core of the system provides extensive options for wireless sensors, relays, key fobs and full battery backups. On top of that, the GPS tracking component – a ruggedized marine grade satellite antenna – delivers two-way communication and 99.9% reliability. 

The Nav-Tracker also lets you control the system over the satellite network so you can expect true global protection, even when you’re not in cellular range.


Yacht remotes and accessories for boat security and monitoring systems, like the GP-KF25 Key Fob, allow you to assign several functions to a simple, handheld unit so you can check system status, control the relays, and more.

Simply press the status button at any time for a quick update and perform up to 6 different actions per remote control.

Motions Detectors and Sensors

Our boat alarm motion detectors and sensors make it possible to keep track of your vessel’s critical functions and keep an eye out for any potential issues. These products include: high water sensors, low voltage sensors, freezer temperature sensors, shore power loss sensors, and more.

Add to your security internal sensors that monitor the doors and hatches inside the vessel, while GOST motion detectors can spot movement of potential threats while ignoring things like small cats, dogs, and birds.

Depending on how you set it up, these sensors can alert up to 8 people (by call/text/satellite phone) so any messages will reach the people who can immediately respond to the situation.

Take a look at our wide range of yacht monitoring and security products today and discover how we can help.