GOST GPS Satellite Tracking




GOST’s award winning NAV-TRACKER utilizes the Inmarsat Satellite Constellation, the same satellites used by the U.S. Defense Department with 99.99% reliability mandated by the IMO, two-way communication and True Global Coverage everywhere except the extreme poles. Locate the exact position of your vessel at any moment and track its every move 24/7, anywhere in the world from a computer or smartphone with internet access. When armed, the Nav-Tracker creates a protective 500-meter geo-fence (radius) around the vessel. If the vessel moves outside the geo-fence without being disarmed, the system immediately sends geo-fence breach emails and/or text messages to 10 predetermined recipients every 15 minutes (programmable from 2 to 30 min) with the vessel’s latitude, longitude, speed & heading. GOST was awarded a medal by the U.S. Coast Guard for assistance in the recovery of high profile vessels using this tracking system, some in less than 1 hour after being stolen!

The GOST Nav-Tracker website is an advanced web-based application that allows users to monitor GOST’s wide range of Inmarsat Satellite based GPS Tracking, Security & Monitoring systems from anywhere in the world. The site continues to offer the distinctive capability of two-way communication with the Nav-Tracker unit. This feature is extremely important in the event the boat is stolen and needs to be tracked. Users can arm/disarm the unit, increase reporting intervals, poll the unit and even drive a relay to turn on/off ANY A/C or D/C function on the vessel with the click of a mouse. The user friendly website incorporates both Google and Bing mapping applications with the ability to change from Road to Satellite to Hybrid view. Users can create several types of website based geo-fences by drawing right on the mapping software to send alerts when the vessel travels outside a defined route or when it enters or exits a predefined geo-fence.

NEW Nav-Tracker

When the system is armed either locally on board the vessel or from the configure page on the website, the GOST NAV-TRACKER takes a reading of its current location and sets a geo-fence (radius) around the vessel to the specifications set by the owner (500m to 8km). If the vessel moves outside the geo-fence the GOST NAV-TRACKER will instantly send up to 10 emails or text messages notifying recipients of the geo-fence breach and provide the vessel’s exact latitude, longitude, speed and heading. It will continue to send these reports every 2 to 30 minutes (can be set on new website and changed when in breach), until the vessel returns to its original geo-fence area or is disarmed (locally or on the website).