"There are very few moments in your life that take your breath away and leave you with that gut-wrenching, helpless feelingthanwaking up to a beautiful Bahamian sunrise only to see your boat lift dangling and your prized possession taken.  After picking my iPad up off the floor, I was immediately able to access the GOST website and view the exact location, heading and speed on my 34’ center console.  A quick call to the Bahamian authorities with this pertinent information enabled them to apprehend and arrest 3 locals on board before they could do any significant damage to my boat.  Currently, I am working on another center console project and am insisting on the GOST product to protect my new asset and give me the confidence that I will always know the location and status of my vessel. "

Brad Douglas, Tampa FL,

"I installed a Magellan system on my boat for peace of mind. I am now able to relax knowing that when I leave my boat that unless I receive a phone call everything is ok. I also have it programmed to call me when my captain or children arm / disarm the system. Every boat I own from now on will have a Magellan system on board."

Paul T. West Haven, CT,

"I received a call at 2a.m. from my boat, "M/Y Bravo, cockpit beam sensor intrusion"; I connected to the speaker phone and advised the intruders that I was contacting the police. The police arrived at the marina, arrested the intruders and found that they had burglarized many boats in the marina. I was happy to see that the GOST Phantom system did everything promised and prevented any damage or burglary from happening on my boat. The GOST Phantom just paid for itself in my book."

Lester H. Hampton, VA,

"I received a call from my boat 24 hours before I was to arrive to it in Florida. "M/Y Toolin Around, A/C power failure". I called the dockmaster for the marina and was told that they were working on the docks and the power will be out for while. I called a friend and he started the generator for me. I have a new level of comfort regarding the boat, especially when I'm up north."

Tom S. Newport, RI,