"Protection of any investment is important, and my yacht is no different. Insurances won’t tell me where she is hour by hour….but Nav-Tracker has and still does… With my present work load, and the timing we wanted, I knew I was going to be confronted soon by allowing our yacht to be in the command of a delivery skipper taking her to Thailand from Brisbane….this will be our retirement playground and after spending lots money, time and emotion on getting the right yacht for us…. I had to find a solution to keep me informed where she is. Not being particularly computer minded, a quick search on the internet revealed many options, most relied on a mobile phone carrier and signal….not very helpful when she out to sea. It was not long before I found Nav-Tracker with the practical feature of tracking our yacht on satellite….this meant….we knew where she was, her track, her speed and did I mention where she was!!!! One phone call to Blake Cooper, and a few questions later I found myself ordering the right techno gadget for the right job. My timing to get and install the Nav-Tracker was tight, Blake organised the equipment, and even met me at Brisbane Airport to hand deliver the package. Installation was over and done with, in 30 minutes, a little more internet interaction with the Nav-Tracker web site and presto….I now where she is….anytime I want….no problems. We have been tracking her progress to Thailand now for the last 4 weeks, the delivery skipper has rang several times to let me know where they are….a quick glance at the Nav-Tracker web site….and yes…he is right….is where he says he is. I cannot speak highly enough of Blake and the team at GOST, the service, quality and ease of turning my headache into a simple quick solution has meant peaceful nights sleeping with the security and knowledge where she is at anytime I want."

Darren Hall, E&I Superintendent Argyle Underground Project / Australia ,