"Last June our 31' Contender was stolen from our slip in broad daylight and in a fleeting moment our family plans for a summer on the water were over. While we were able to ultimately replace the boat we couldn't replace our lost summer. Determined to not allow the bad guys to steal away our summer again, we installed an NT-Evolution Alarm and Monitoring System. Well, this is to report that the bad guys attempted to steal our new boat, however this time they were averted by our NT - Evolution Alarm and Monitoring System. We were immediately alerted to the attempted theft through multiple e-mails and texts. The progression of footprints along the starboard gunwale and ultimately on the deck reveal that the intruders passed through the infrared beam activating the siren and strobe light. Following the intruders footprints, it appears that once the audio and visual alarms were triggered they hurriedly retreated across the foredeck and over the bow, hopefully never to be seen again. The purpose of this e-mail is to express my gratitude to the Company for a great system that really works. Have a great summer, I know we will."

John, Florida,