"As for boat monitoring, the system has saved us a lot of time and prevented what could have been an expensive problem had the system not reported to me in a timely fashion. On two occasions we had extended power outages here in Naples, which after a 10-minute delay of normal power will switch over to a generator, the MM calls me to inform me of shore power lost. I then know I have about 6 hours max with my house batteries for the electronics which are mostly on, to get power restored. I can drive to the boat in about 20 minutes in most cases. Once we had a bad breaker on the dock, call from Magellan, disaster averted. Shore power plug knocked out of dock power outlet, while I was 150 miles away, Magellan called me, I call dock assistant, disaster averted. Hose leaking in compartment draining to lazarette, Magellan bilge alarm set below standard boat alarm, called and saved us a potential sinking. Low battery warning has saved us from allowing the house batteries from completely discharging as a breaker popped on a hot battery charger.Now with our new GOST Watch HD we have incorporated a forward bow camera, and a salon camera along with our onboard engine room cams and cockpit cam to provide us with even more security and peace of mind. If any of the alarm sensors trip, I can immediately see the major areas of the boat and record the event for possible intruder arrest. It is also handy in case of fire inside or down in the engine room, to contact the proper authorities to meet them at the boat in a timely fashion. All of this can be viewed on my phone or a computer from anywhere in the world, anytime, live, 24/7/365!The price of this kind of peace of mind is invaluable, and we are really more than just satisfied with our system you have developed. Your products and support are some of the things today that have truly exceeded our expectations, along with your fine customer service. Our hats are off to you, with many thanks and gratitude."

Captain Sam Griffith, Florida,