Hardwired Marine Security Sensors

Pull Sensor

The GOST GNT-Pull Sensor is a functional and highly versatile sensor. Notification is given if the boat is pulled away from the dock, or the back of a yacht. It is also possible to install the sensors in several different ways. They can be installed with the female end on the dock or the mother ship, or they can have the male & female on the same vessel, which lends itself to more versatility.

Standard Normally Open Contact with Hidden Wire Extension Sensor

Miniature Surface Mount, Normally Open (white) Hidden Wire (bottom)

Infrared Beam Sensors

The GNT-IBS Hardwired Infrared Beam Sensor is designed to protect the exterior or interior the vessel. There is an invisible infrared beam that is shot between the emitter and the detector (photoelectric eyes). Once the infrared beam is broken, the sensor is activated and causes the system to go into alarm. These sensors are commonly installed in the gunwales to protect cockpit areas. Other uses include open fly bridges to protect the electronics or any other exposed areas where a motion detector is not practical. These sensors have a built in fail safe amplifier and are resistant to sunlight and other interference. These sensors are also available with 2 sets of photoelectric eyes.

Deck Pressure Sensors

The GNT-DS hardwired Deck Sensor is designed to protect the exterior or interior of the vessel. The sensors are epoxied to the underside of the vessel’s deck where they cannot be seen by intruders. In addition, they will not detract from the vessels decor. These sensors are effective on almost any boat structure including wood, fiberglass
aluminum or steel decks. Environmentally sealed and utilizing 22-gauge marine grade wire leads, these sensors are ideal for those hard to protect areas of the vessel where you have access to the underside of the deck. They are built to not respond to vibration, shock, or airborne items. They sense only the unique flexing of the deck caused by a person walking. Sensitivity is fully adjustable from the processor. They can even be used to protect ladders up to the fly bridge or tuna tower.

For fiberglass and wood decks:

  • GNT-DS2: 2 sensor array
  • GNT-DS4: 4 sensor array

For aluminum or steel decks:

  • GNT-DS2M: 2 sensor array
  • GNT-DS4M: 4 sensor array