GP-MSWR Motion Detector

GP-MSWR Motion Detector
Wireless Duel Optical Indoor Motion Sensor
(40kg/90lb True Pet Immunity)

Our interior wireless Dual optical, passive infrared (PIR) detector is standard in our Premier & Insight packages.Sensor will not recognize pets weighing up to 90LBs. The dual digital element sensor detects motion right to left and up and down up to 35ft with adjustable sensitivity.

Digital Motion Detection

  • Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
  • Immune to animals weighing up to 40kg (90lb)
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection•Digital Shield algorithm with adjustable sensitivity
  • Single or Dual Edge Processing
  • 11m x 11m (35ft x 35ft) with 90° viewing angle
  • Single or Dual Edge Processing
  • Wireless range in a typical marine environment:
    35m (115ft) with GMM-32Z-2WV / GMM-32Z
    70m (230ft) with MG5000 / MG-RTX3
  • See Features Common to All Magellan Wireless
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