Extension Sensors

These miniature white magnetic extension sensors can be used in the secondary zone input on the GMM-DC, GMM-DCLR, and GMM-IP67-DC.

Standard Wide Gap Extension Sensor (GDC-EXT-WG)

2” x .25” Mini Surface Mount Switch Set Wide Gap. Up to 3 inch gap between sensor & magnet.


Super Heavy Duty Wide Gap Extension Sensor (GDC-EXT-WGHD)

4” x .5” Exterior Surface Mount Switch Set *SUPER HEAVY DUTY* up to 3 inch gap between sensor & magnet.


Standard Wide Gap with Hidden Wire Extension Sensor (GDC-EXT-WGH)

2” x .25” Miniature Surface Mount, Wide Gap (white) Hidden Wire (bottom)


Recessed Extension Sensor (GDC-EXT-R)

1” x .4” Miniature Recessed Mount 3/8” Switch Set