An amazing, modern yacht can attract a lot of attention out on the water and while in port.

Unfortunately, not all that attention is the kind you want.

For years, now, high-end vessels have been a popular target for criminals of all sorts, which means that owners must be extra vigilant to protect their people and their property.

The first step to protecting yourself is, of course, to be aware of your surroundings and situation at all times – whether on the water or in dock. This usually means being aware of any “hot spots” of criminal activity and then planning your route accordingly.

Still, despite your best efforts, you may need to respond to potential threats a little more directly, and for those who wish to do so in non-lethal fashion, acoustics and strobes for your yacht may be the best option.

Why are Non-Lethal Deterrents So Important?

Sirens and strobes can be effective on the open water or while you’re in port, and they can provide an effective, non-lethal deterrent in many situations (which means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally opening fire on a local fisherman).

On top of that, many places you visit will have some specific laws regarding firearms, and just having them on board in those ports could lead to serious problems. You could even lose your boat if you are discovered to be carrying them after failing to report them.

Using strobes and sirens together can be extremely effective, but let’s take a look at the individual parts of this equation to see how they work and how they can provide the security you need on your yacht.


When a siren is loud enough, it attacks an intruder on an auditory level, blocking or hindering one of the five main senses. 

Anyone under this acoustic barrage will immediately be put off balance and find it extremely hard to concentrate.

And, of course, such a sudden and loud noise will alert anyone nearby that something untoward is happening on your vessel.

The GOST Acoustic Sound Barrier produces a very unique and very hard-to-ignore frequency that anyone nearby will easily pick out from the background noise. This intolerable sound will also cause anyone who is on board to immediately try to find ways to protect their ears rather than find ways to steal your possessions or harm your guests.  

And, usually, the most obvious and best way to protect their hearing is to flee the boat.

Acoustics are such an effective deterrent that there are even long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) that can be used as an anti-piracy solution. This sonic weapon can send the high-pitched noise straight at approaching intruders. While these devices have mostly been employed on cargo and cruise ships, we’re starting to see some yacht owners employ them, too.


The bright flashes and bursts of light from a strobe can disorient and dizzy an intruder. It can cause confusion, loss of depth perception and coordination, and even temporary blindness (and a threat that can’t see you is not as much of a threat anymore).

Dazzle guns are similar to strobes but can be used in different situations. Depending on the color of the lights they employ, this defensive device can be used day or night, and even used to hail suspect individuals who are approaching the yacht and warn them away before things go to the next level.

A Real Defense

One of the most immediate benefits of using a strobe and acoustic security system is that most ports in most countries have no laws against them. 

You can assume that most places will have some regulations on firearms, and some even restrict pepper spray, stun guns, knives, and anything else that can harm or kill. Since strobe lights and sirens are non-lethal and cause no lasting damage (although some people may feel nausea and temporary pain), they are probably legal in most places.

On top of that, these two systems work together as a real deterrent. An alarm will alert you and the authorities to problems, but if there isn’t an immediate response, the intruder will still have plenty of time to cause problems.

Using acoustics and strobe lights together can be an active defense against intruders, scaring them or hindering them enough that they will take the first opportunity to vacate your vessel before they can complete their criminal goals.