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March 8, 2011

VIDEO: Digital Switching Systems and GOST demonstrate enhanced wireless controls for boat owners
New video showcases how power distributed devices throughout the boat can be monitored and controlled wirelessly.

Click here to view now: youtube.com/digitalswitching

Digital Switching Systems, the leading provider of multiplex device networks for the marine industry, and Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) by Paradox Marine, are enhancing the ease and convenience of boat alarm operation by controlling power distributed devices onboard cruisers, fresh water fishing and sport fishing boats remotely.

By using Digital Switching Systems omni-BUS™ open source software, networked devices can be wirelessly triggered to perform specific, predetermined tasks. Vessel controls, for example, can be simultaneously locked down while lights and horns are activated to accentuate distress or alarm signals. Coupling this advanced device integration with GOST's wireless products, boat owners benefit with increased control of their vessel whether onboard or not.

Announced at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky, the partnership continues to expand the strengths and benefits of power distribution systems for boat manufacturers.

Click the link below to watch Brian Kane, Director of Research and Development for Global Ocean Security Technologies demonstrate this new integration.

View Video: youtube.com/digitalswitching

About Digital Switching Systems:
Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Digital Switching Systems is a leading provider of reliable and unique electronic and mechanical switching solutions for the marine, transportation and industrial industries. A subsidiary of DNA Group, Digital Switching Systems continues to bring to the forefront state-of-the-art devices and software applications for remote, networked control of low voltage DC power applications through the DSS family of components powered by omni-BUS™. To learn more about Digital Switching Systems, please visit digitalswitchingsystems.com

DNA Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom controls for the portable appliance, white goods and consumer products market. To learn more about DNA Group, Inc., please visit dnagroup.com

About Global Ocean Security Technologies:
Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) by Paradox Marine provides state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, access control, vessel automation, surveillance, satellite tracking and internet accessible control for any size marine vessel, from tenders to ships. Known for its award-winning Nav-Tracker Geo-fence protection, GOST systems feature all components needed for complete vessel protection and allow owners to access on-board cameras and AC/DC accessories from any computer with an internet connection or compatible cell phone.

Together with Paradox Security Systems, GOST is the global leader in security technology with products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. GOST's personalized service and innovative technology provide vessel owners complete peace of mind from aboard or afar.

To learn more about GOST by Paradox Marine, please visit gostglobal.com

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