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Hardwired Water Resistant Sensors
GNT-IP67-HWS High Water Sensor, GNT-IP67-LVS Low Voltage Sensor 12 or 24 Volts DC, GNT-IP67-Snap Canvas Snap Sensor, GNT-IP67-DS2 Deck Pressure Sensors, GDC-EXT-NO Standard Wide Gap with Hidden Wire Extension Sensor, GNT-IP67-IBS Infrared Beam Sensor

GNT Pull Sensor:
GNT Pull Sensor
The GOST GNT Pull Sensor is a great sensor with multiple uses. Notification is given if the boat is pulled away from the dock, or the back of a yacht. It is also possible to install the sensors in several different ways. They can be installed with the female end on the dock or the mother ship, or they can have the male & female on the same vessel, which lends itself to more versatility. The sensor will cause the security system to go into alarm if the sensor is either pulled out or cut without first disarming the system. We designed this sensor to combat thieves coming up to vessels when they are tied up at night and cutting the lines and towing the vessel away with jet skis or other small watercraft which we have seen an increase in recent months.

GNT-IP67-HWS : High Water Sensor
GNT-HWS : High Water Sensor
The GNT-HWS wireless High Water Sensor is designed to stand up to the harsh marine environment and includes a mounting bracket for the float switch that should be installed in the bilge of the vessel slightly below the vessels factory installed high water sensor.

GNT-HWS : High Water Sensor
GNT-LVS : 12/24 - Low Voltage Sensor
The GNT-LVS wireless Low Voltage Sensor is designed to stand up to the harsh marine environment and is set to trigger an alarm when the voltage drops below 11.6v (on 12V Sensor) or 23.2v (on 24v sensor) for more than 2 minutes. This sensor will monitor any 12V or 24V battery bank. There is a dip switch on the circuit board that allows installers to switch the voltage monitored between 12 or 24 volts DC.
GNT-LVS : 12/24 - Low Voltage Sensor
GNT-Snap: :
GNT-Snap : Canvas Snap Sensor
The GNT-Snap wireless Canvas Snap Sensor is designed to stand up to the harsh marine environment and is set to trigger an alarm when the canvas cover is unsnapped. The canvas snap sensor is mounted in an existing snap location by drilling a 25/64” hole thru the vessel. The sensor is inserted in the drilled hole and secured with the brass nut on the underneath side. An O-ring under the snap base provides a seal to keep water from entering around the sensor head. This sensor is great for protecting vessels that are covered with a canvas cover. Because of its exceptional design, it is impossible to see, as the sensor looks like a normal snap when properly installed.
GNT-Snap : Canvas Snap Sensor
GNT-DS2 or DS4 :
GNT-DS2 or DS4 : Deck Pressure Sensors
The GNT-DS2 or DS4 wireless Deck sensor is designed to protect the exterior or interior of the vessel. The sensors are epoxied to the underside of the vessel’s deck where they cannot be seen by intruders. In addition, they will not detract from the vessels decor. These sensors are effective on almost any boat structure including wood, fiberglass and even aluminum or steel decks. Environmentally sealed and utilizing 22-gauge marine grade wire leads, these sensors are ideal for those hard to protect areas of the vessel where there is access to the underside of the deck. They will not respond to vibration, shock, or airborne items. They sense only the unique flexing of the deck caused by a person walking. Sensitivity is fully adjustable from the processor. They can even be used to protect ladders up to the fly bridge or tuna tower.
 GNT-DS2 or DS4 : Deck Pressure Sensors
GDC-EXT-NO : Standard Wide Gap Extension Sensor

Miniature Surface Mount, Wide Gap (white)
Hidden Wire (bottom)

GDC-EXT-NO : Standard Wide Gap Extension Sensor
GNT-IBS : Infrared Beam Sensor

The GNT-IBS wireless infrared beam sensor is designed to protect the exterior of the vessel. There is an invisible infrared beam between the emitter and the detector (photoelectric eyes). Once the infrared beam is broken the sensor is activated and causes the system to go into alarm. These sensors are commonly installed in the gunwales to protect the cockpit areas. Other uses include open fly bridges to protect the electronics or any other exposed areas where a motion detector is not practical. These sensors have a built in fail safe amplifier and are resistant to sunlight and other interference. These sensors are also available with 2 sets of photoelectric eyes.

GNT-IBS : Infrared Beam Sensor

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Global Positioning System.  Global Ocean Security are widely used as monitoring devices.  GOST carries quality GPS systems for all boat aficionados. The features of each Nav-Tracker & GOST GOST Phantom GPS are outstanding!

The Nav-Tracker 2.0 will keep you informed of your boat's location through a GPS service provided by the new Inmarsat Isat M2M service.

Real-Time GPS Monitoring!

The GOST GOST Phantom Ship Alarm, Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring Systems by GOST provides the finest in wireless security for your boat .

This state-of-the-art wireless boat alarms and boat monitoring system comes with GPS vessel satellite tracking and complete internet access.

Marine Security you control.

• The GOST GOST Phantom Insight Boat Security Alarm and Ocean Security Technologies includes all the components needed to help protect you secure boat from theft unauthorized access and sinking.

• The GOST GOST Phantom Insight Boat Alarms and Monitoring System  links you directly to your boat no matter where you are in the world. You receive instant reports via voice, email or text message. Your secure personal web page shows vessel status, alarm history and event locations. Set safety zone boundaries and even control AC/DC accessories directly from your own computer.

• The freedom and liberty that you get from your boat can now be secured with GOST’s range of marine security and vessel monitoring systems and packages.

Aboard or afar, you’re right there.

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